“Rajanima” stands for “Royal Creations”. As the name itself implies, Rajanima products have a proven value for quality that derives from the noble ancient Sri Lankan roots. Having specialized in re-creation of ancient art and crafts with its entire splendor we do have a plenty of amusements to offer you to carry on your way back home.

Rajanima Wood Craft

Traditional Masks

The art of Traditional wooden masks have been derived with the ancient Sri Lankan dancing styles evolved in the main three parts of the country being Kandyan, Low Country and Sabaragamu. These masks are ornamental and decorative face wear which also convey different facial expressions to evoke different emotions.

These traditional masks are hence believed to have a healing effect for various psychological problems. These masks vary from Sanni (Medicine) Masks which stands for curing 18 sicknesses (Therefore there are 18 sanni masks.), Kolam Masks which are used in dramas for entertainment and Raksha Masks such as Gurulu, Cobra and Peacock coming from various mythical legends.

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