“Rajanima” stands for “Royal Creations”. As the name itself implies, Rajanima products have a proven value for quality that derives from the noble ancient Sri Lankan roots. Having specialized in re-creation of ancient art and crafts with its entire splendor we do have a plenty of amusements to offer you to carry on your way back home.


Rajanima Wood Craft


The history of Sri Lankan statues is often mingled with Buddhism and Buddhist Philosophy. Some of the masterpieces of statues in Sri Lanka are Samadhi Statue, Avukana Buddha Statue etc. which could be considered the identity of the nation.

Rajanima statuses consist of the statues of Lord Buddha and Hindu Gods. We recreate these masterpieces to fit into your living room, shrine or may be garden or office. Rajanima also create unique statues of novel designs to match modern requirements.

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