“Rajanima” stands for “Royal Creations”. As the name itself implies, Rajanima products have a proven value for quality that derives from the noble ancient Sri Lankan roots. Having specialized in re-creation of ancient art and crafts with its entire splendor we do have a plenty of amusements to offer you to carry on your way back home.






Rajanima Products

Rajanima team consists of master craftsmen and skilled individuals in various fields. Rajaniam recreates some of the best masterpieces in the Sri Lankan history of art and crafts. Our team also steps forward to create novel products to match the modern society while safeguarding the traditional taste and quality.

Rajanima products thus range from the creative Sri Lankan traditional wood carvings, statues, furniture, traditional masks, sculptures, handy craft, and paintings and to various other products of same nature.

Wood carving industry is believed to be emerged first from temples in Sri Lanka at the beginning of early 1357 AD. The most known place for Sri Lankan splendid woodcarving is Embekka Devalaya (Embekka Temple) which was built by the King Vikramabahu III in Kandy during Gampola Era (AD 1357 - 1374) and still could be witnessed today.

These unique works was assigned by the king(s) for a separate set of families who were skilled in making wood carvings. Later these works evolved up to present, inherited by generation to generation.

We make use of our work shop located close to the Show rooms to demonstrate our visitors how to make natural colors using different woods and adding them the natural ingredients, lime, bee honey, juices made out of different crushed leaves, sugar, and iodine etc., and how the same methods had been used in ancient Sri Lanka to paint ancient frescos which are lasting for centuries without any changes of its colors, resisting all kinds of weather conditions.

The same process we use to paint our goods as well where we show them our Carpentry shops to demonstrate how we make our goods to ensure that you gain first-hand knowledge and the experience of the Sri Lankan wood carving industry.

Rajanima Wood Craft

The woods we are using in our Craft house have been purchased from the State Timber Corporation, which is a hundred percent Government body and all the woods are solid and thus meet the international standards for making good furniture. We never purchase timber from illegal timber Merchants and we believe which results in deforestation and lose of natural habitat of Flora & Fauna.

Thus our products are unique, attractive and beyond price.

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