“Rajanima” stands for “Royal Creations”. As the name itself implies, Rajanima products have a proven value for quality that derives from the noble ancient Sri Lankan roots. Having specialized in re-creation of ancient art and crafts with its entire splendor we do have a plenty of amusements to offer you to carry on your way back home.



















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We are located in the world heritage city; Kandy, at Rajapihilla Mawatha, just one 1km away from the Kandy town. Rajanima premise is more than a work shop and a gallery but a unique location enriched with a panoramic view in the hill country capable of soothing your body and mind.

Address Rajanima Craft (Pvt) Ltd
  173 Rajapihilla Mawatha, Kandy. Sri Lanka
Tel No +94 81 2229799
  +94 81 4950347
Fax +94 81 2229800
E-Mail info@rajanima.com
Website www.rajanima.com

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